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Our Story

We are 'Bob & Dianne Lowes' 
and we live in Tiny/Wyebridge, Ontario, Canada ...
which is located on the tip of Georgian Bay (in God's country).

Buying our first purebred dog, a German Shepherd female in 
1965 and a male the next year.   Registering "Robb Isle" with 
the Canadian Kennel Club, we started to breed.   

In 1971 we bought our first Bostons.  They were "Miss Pickles of Robb Isle" and "Ardell├Ęs Sugar Candy of Robb Isle".  
Then "Flo-Ra's Dani Boy of Robb Isle" joined us in 1972.  Showing all 3 to their Canadian Championship.  We were hooked.  

"Dani Boy" became Canadian/American/Bermuda Champion and received his C.D. for Obedience.  During his show carrier "Dani" was Top Boston in Canada 1973 / 1977 / 1978 / 1979, second in 1974 / 76, third in 1975.  With 172 Best of Breeds, 4 Group Ones and 38 other Group placements.  Dani gained his American Title with 4 Majors and Bermuda Title winning 5 Majors.

Over the Past 51 years now we have bred Boston Terriers, 
French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Am.Cocker Spaniels, 
Toy & Min. Poodles & a few others under the prefix "Robb Isle"
- Finishing 90 Champions over the years, with points on others 
and some of which being in the Top Five for the year.   
Also Breeder of the Year Award for a few years. 

With time in between to raise four daughters - 
Brenda, Lorna, Penny & Sherry ... all now married. 
They have added 9 Grand-Daughters, and in turn, they have added
Great-Grand-Sons & Great-Grand-Daughters (I have lost count).
Bob has had Heart catherization in 1986 and a Triple Bypass in 1998.   He then retired from Bell Canada in 1993 after 36.5 years.  At that time, we began to limit our dog shows to one, 
maybe two weekends per month. 

I was out of commission for a short while, having laser surgery on my left eye and then major surgery to repair a hole in the right eye.  All seemed well.  Until Jan. 2009, when I found out that I had cancer.  What came next was a lot of chemo & radiation treatments, 
surgery, then more chemo and surgery.  I am now back together but 'too' stubborn to give up on my 'passion'.

We have cut down in our numbers, 
but I still can't wait to see a 'new litter' born ... 
maybe there will be something that I just have to keep, 
and maybe Show again.

 Thank you for taking the time to read 'our' story....... 2016


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