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Mother of Opal


ROBB ISLE HIGH ROLLER X MEGGIE CHIEN PUCE AZIGOS (Smokey Valley´s Goldfinger in Rio X Maia Azigos). Photo by Armando Neto — with Dianne Lowes.

It is priceless wake up with this gorgeous picture ... Quineville and his daughter Orleans. Third generation from Zorro (Robb Isle Masquerade Party) in Brasil, since he arrived from Canada almost 20 years ago. 
Quineville Le Chien Puce (Smokey Valley's Goldfinger in Rio x Zamora StarMidnight)
Orléans Le Chien Puce ( Quineville Le Chien Puce x Robb Isle High Roller)
 — with Dianne Lowes.
QUINEVILLE LE CHIEN PUCE aka VILLE - Smokey Valley´s Goldfinger in Rio x Zamora Star Midnight.
Grandaughter of Robb Isle Masquerade Party aka Zorro.
-True Cream
Photo by 
Armando Neto